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Running this website costs fees for the webserver and the the domain name. All in all it is currently approximatley 8 Euros per month. Although I have mostly fun developing this game, it also costs a lot of time (ask my girl friend 💗).

If you like this game and want to support me, you can do this by donating to my PayPal account or via Bitcoin or BitcoinCash. I really really appreciate any donations, also low ones. It not only helps to reduce my costs running this site, but also shows me, that people like what I am offering here.

Donators so far

Include your ingame name in a message when you want to be listed here and be highlighted in the "Hall Of Fame" and "Who's Online?" sections.

Personally I prefer CRYPTOCURRENCY. If you use a CRYPTOCURRENCY (e.g. ETH), where you cannot include a message, just send an email to with the amount and the date of the transfer, and of course you in-game name ;-).


Ethereum (ETH):


BitcoinCash (BCH):


Bitcoin (BTC):


Monero (XMR):


How Mining works

I have set the Miner to only use 20% of your CPU power, so also notebooks should not get any louder when running the Miner.

Unfortunatly there is no way to meassure (from server side) how much each one individually mines or if someone specifically mines or how many players in total mine. I could query these things from the client side, but this could easily be manipulated. From the server however i can query the total hashes calculated so far. This however is only updated every 1-3 minutes. So I just query the total hashes every 5 minutes, divide it by the total players online and the average hash power I have estimated. I meassured the hash power of my Workstation and two notebooks to estimate the average hash power.

Costs and income

I do not want to hide anything from my players and supporters, so here are the numbers:







2018. Mar. ca. -8.00 € power (selfhosting)
-0.50 € Domain
+0.00 € +0.00 € +0.00 € -8.50 €
2018. Apr. ca. -8.00 € power (selfhosting)
-7.00 € (web hoster)
-0.50 € Domain
+65.00 € +7.18 € +2.73 € +59.41 €
2018. May. -7.00 € (web hoster)
-0.50 € Domain
+16.30 € +4.93 € +4.16 € +17.89 €